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Welcome to the Board!

In an effort to help you navigate your duties and responsibilities as a Board Member for the Homeowners Association you reside in, we have compiled some helpful information.

Did you know that your condo, townhouse or single family home in a planned unit development is a nonprofit corporation?


Your board of directors has the same responsibilities and fiduciary duties as any corporate board of directors.  The difference is your board consists of volunteers whose careers rarely fall in the demographics of operating a multi-million dollar corporation.  That’s where your certified manager comes into play.  The volunteer board members in your association need professional guidance on issues such as:

  • The reasoning behind reserve funding

  • How and why to avoid deferred maintenance

  • Adequate insurance coverage

  • Proper budgeting

  • Contract negotiations

  • The Davis-Stirling Act and other laws that govern homeowners associations

What Your Manager Can Do For You

Your Role as a Board Member

The Importance of Board Meetings

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