The Importance of Board Meetings

An association is a business that must hold meetings to conduct its business. Community associations conduct several types of meetings, each addressing a particular need.

Board Meetings

Board meetings must be productive, orderly, free of disruptions, and open to members and residents unless an executive session is convened. The board should be as transparent as possible in all matters related to the association.

The primary purpose of board meetings is to:
• Approve the expenditure of funds
• Set policy
• Review operations
• Resolve disputes
• Listen to residents
• Plan for the future
• Vote on business discussed in executive session

Executive Session Meetings

The board should only convene in executive sessions to discuss:
• Actual or Pending litigation
• Formation of Contracts with third parties
• Disciplinary Hearings
• Payment Plan requests
• Decision to initiate foreclosure
• Personnel issues if you have employees

Annual Meetings

There are set timelines that must be followed for proper election procedures to take place. Your manager will assist the Board in seeking nominations, mailing election materials to the owners, providing necessary information to the Inspector of Elections and notifying the owners of the results of the election. It is very important to follow your manager’s advice regarding elections to be sure they are done legally. The primary purpose of annual membership meeting is to:
• Elect directors
• Deliver committee reports to members
• Build community by bringing neighbors together

Special Meetings

Special meetings are limited to a particular topic. The board can call a special meeting at any time, and they must notify all members in advance. The notice will specify the topic so interested members can attend. Special meetings give the board an opportunity to explore sensitive or controversial matters—perhaps an assessment increase. Members do not participate in the meeting, unless asked directly by a board member, but they have a right to listen to the board discussion.

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