Financial Services

The following services are provided under a financial management agreement, as well as full service:

Accounts Receivable

• Owners are offered online access to their assessment account where they can sign up for paperless statements and automatic payment or pay by credit card.

• Statements are generated monthly and provided to owners by mail or email to ensure owners are always informed of their current account balance. Up to date account history information is also available online 24/7.

• Payment Processing is performed daily and deposited remotely to the association’s operating account to improve cash flow.

• Accurate monthly billing of assessments and other non-assessment items (owner chargebacks, parking/storage fee, fines, etc.). Late fees and interest are automatically applied based on the association’s delinquency policy to improve the associations’ ability to collect assessments in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable

We offer a state of the art online invoice approval process that saves you time and money while giving the board complete control over the invoice payment process.

• Board members authorized to approve invoices receive a weekly invoice approval notification.

• Authorized board members then log-in to their online account to view and approve invoices. The website shows all invoice expense coding and references, as well as scanned copies of invoices. Invoices can either be marked as approved or placed on hold, if there is an issue that needs to be resolved before payment is sent.

• Additional instructions may also be sent to our accounts payable department (such as expense recoding and reference changes). This allows you to mark an invoice approved pending the completion of any instructions and a check will not be issued until the instruction is complete.

• Once the invoices are approved, the checks are processed and mailed directly to the vendors. This eliminates the need for board members to receive, sign, and mail most checks.

There may occasionally be some checks that need to be sent to the board for signature. Checks from reserve accounts, for example, cannot be signed by our office and are mailed to the board in a check package for signature.

Budget Preparation

• Our innovative proprietary software analyzes past spending to better predict future budgeting needs.

• Using formula’s developed over many years, we will prepare the Draft budget and present it to the board for review and approval.

• Issue the approved budget to the membership in the approved Civil Code format

Monthly Financial Reports

Financial reports are prepared and emailed to the board, generally within the first 10 days of the month. The following reports are included in our financials:

• The Balance Sheet consists of Assets & Liabilities. Assets are subcategorized by Operating Account, Reserve Accounts, Petty Cash, and Other Current Assets and Liabilities are categorized Reserves, Equity.

• The Statement of Income & Expenses shows a comparison of Actual amounts spent versus the Budgeted amounts. The Income Category is broken down by Maintenance Fees, Interest, Late Fees/Interest, & Lien/Foreclosure Fees. Expense Categories include Contract Services, Utilities, Insurance, Maintenance and Repairs, Administration, and Reserves. A detailed Reserve Schedule is also included.

• The Aging Report shows delinquent homeowners. The accounts are broken down by Current amount due and amount past due Over 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. The report also details any owners who have prepaid, & the total Balance. The detailed report displays homeowners that have a Credit Balance, Debit Balance and accounts that are Inactive, on Legal Hold, and Current Balance.

• The Check Register displays the Check Number, Check Date, Vendor Code, Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, and Check Reference.

• A Bank Reconciliation report is provided for each bank account.


• Year-end reports are prepared annually for the CPA.

• 1099 and DE-542 tax forms are processed as required.

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Additional Details

MPI is proud to be an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC). AAMC is the highest level of professional recognition in the community association field. Please see our detailed explanation of our services that make us the best management company in the area.

Your assigned manager is available for support by e-mail or phone to review community related concerns. Our CEO, Michael Huffman, is also available to discuss any community issues with Board members.

Response to inquiries during office hours are usually handled as they are received.  If a message is left by e-mail or voicemail, we typically will respond within 4 hours for routine requests.

If you have a General Manager, online access will be available through our secure website. This will allow viewing of selected records to aid in the operation of your site office.  All Board Members will have the same access to online records. 

For associations with employees, we can establish payroll services for your current staff under a separate contract with ADP or continue to use your existing payroll company to update the financial reports.

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