Annual Meeting & Election Timeline

Have you ever wondered what the process is for holding an annual meeting and election? Here’s an outline of how the process works.

75-100 Days Prior

Schedule Meeting

A few months prior to your approximate meeting date, your manager will contact you to set the schedule. The Board will need to provide the manager with the date, time and location of the meeting as well as the name of the Inspector of Election. The Inspector of Election is the person responsible for collecting the ballots and who will open and tally them at the Annual Meeting. The Inspector cannot be a Board Member or someone who is running for the Board. The sooner this information is provided, the more efficiently the rest of the process can take place.

60-75 Days Prior

Mail Nomination Forms

Once the above information is provided your manager will mail the Nomination Form. This form must be returned by the day that is listed on the form. By filling out a Nomination Form and sending it in you are indicating your willingness to run for the Board. You may also nominate another homeowner but prior to nominating them it is your responsibility to confirm that they are willing to run for the Board.

30-37 Days Prior

Mail Ballot to Owners/Send Reports to Inspector of Elections

Shortly after the date to receive nominations has passed the Meeting Notice and Ballot will be mailed to all owners. Included in the packet are voting instructions, the necessary envelopes to cast your vote  and the ballot with the names of the nominees listed. The notice also includes the date, time and location of the meeting and the Agenda. It is important to note that the meeting must be held at least 30 days from the day the ballots are mailed to allow for the minimum open poll period of 30 days as required by civil code.

At the same time that the Meeting Notice and Ballots get mailed to the owners, a packet will be mailed to the Inspector of Election containing all necessary information and instructions for the volunteer. This packet includes a voter list, a tally sheet, an election certification and important instructions. If the Inspector has any questions they may contact their manager to discuss.

Meeting Date

Hold Annual Meeting & Election

The Annual Meeting will then be held. There must be a quorum of ballots received in order to hold the election. Quorum indicates the numbers of ballots that need to be returned to the Inspector of Election in order for the meeting to be held. For most Associations the quorum requirement is simply a majority but it can vary based on your Governing Documents so it is very important that quorum be discussed with your manager prior to the meeting.

Once quorum is established, the current Board should follow the agenda and hold the election. After the Annual Meeting adjourns the new Board of Directors will hold a brief meeting to assign Board positions and schedule the next Board Meeting. Once Board positions are determined the new Board will need to contact the manager to provide them with the new Board information so that all necessary updates can be made to our system and the Bank Signature cards can be provided to the new Board for signature.

If quorum is not established the meeting cannot be held and will need to be adjourned until a later date. The Governing Documents also determine the process to be followed in the case of a meeting adjourned due to lack of quorum so it is important that this be discussed with your manager as soon as possible after the meeting is adjourned.

1-15 Days After

Mail Results to Ownership

The final step once the Annual Meeting and Election takes place is for the manager to mail the results of the election to all Board members detailing the names of the new Board of Directors. Per civil code this must be mailed to all owners within 15 days of the election so the updated information must be provided to the manager in timely manner.

Please visit the Elections Page at for detailed information regarding annual meetings and elections. Your manager is a great resource for information specific to your association.
*Please note: These dates are an approximation and may fluctuate based on the needs of your particular association.
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